Cindy Wilson to perform “Change” @ Gramercy Theatre in NYC December 7th!

Cindy Wilson Performing @ Gramercy Theatre in NYC December 7th, 2016

Cindy Wilson will be performing her new show “Change” @ Gramercy Theatre in NYC December 7th! The show will get started around 7:00pm. Get your tickets here starting September 23rd!

Cindy’s new “Sunrise” EP will be available at the show in New York, plus a t-shirt designed by Suny Lyons. Listen to “Sunrise” or get one of the last remaining shirts currently available right here!

“Change” features songs from Cindy’s “Sunrise” EP and from the upcoming “Change” LP. Throughout the show Cindy swoons and whispers over swirls of subtle psychedelia, pulsing synths, disco strings and dance beats while video projections gyrate behind the band and lush ambience ties each song seamlessly to the next.